Our story

Since 1988, our family business has been using the best products that nature gives us. Authentic, tasty, trendy, sustainable and of the highest quality… this is our priority during product development. This is exactly what the Cuisin’easy range stands for!

It perfectly meets the increasing consumer demand for healthy, plant-based products that are also tasty. In addition, this range also offers a solution for the increasing time pressure that every chef experiences to serve dishes with a high culinary finish.

In short, our Cuisin’easy products can inspire every chef to innovate.


Cuisin'easy, developed by chefs for chefs.

Through Greens Cuisin’easy we have developed a premium range of different cold salads, which are of high quality and ready to eat, so that every staff member can prepare it.

They are also freshly frozen from the field, without artificial colours or preservatives meaning that the products are extremely sustainable, so no wastage in the kitchen.

Furthermore, they only need to be defrosted before serving. It’s that simple.




100% plant-based
Culinary preparation



Freshly frozen
No wastage