About us

A 100% Family company

d’Arta offers a full range of fresh frozen products such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and ready-made (side) dishes. Our strengths are our family-centred framework with a short decision-making process and our professional employees, which systematically allow us to offer high-quality customer service and flexibility in a fast evolving market. At d'Arta, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

As a 100% family company, it is in our DNA to keep investing in people, our production technology and product innovation. Nature and the environment are two central elements in this matter.

We employ more than 900 people and export our products to more than 100 countries.


  • 1988

    founding of the company by Jean-Pierre De Backere and Johan Talpe

  • 1997

    construction of a new plant in Portugal

  • 2005

    construction of a new plant in Belgium for products with added value

  • 2016

    second generation takes over the helm

  • 2018

    construction of a new plant in Yorkshire, England

  • 2019

    takeover of Agrifood Italy

  • History
    1988 1997 2005 2016 2018 2019


    More than 70% of our products originate from local farmers close to our plants. That is why our production locations are situated in the best agricultural areas in Europe.

    Our head office, which is also our most important production location, is based in Ardooie, in the middle of West-Flanders, which accounts for 30% of the total European production of frozen vegetables.

    A second production plant is located in Portugal and processes Mediterranean products.

    Our third production plant is situated in the English county of Yorkshire, which is home to the well-known Yorkshire Peas.

    Agrifood, our fourth plant, is located in the middle of Italy, in the fertile Fucino Valley in Abruzzo and specialises in typical high-quality ‘made in Italy’ productswww.agrifood.it.

    About our customers

    We deliver worldwide to various market sectors:

    Food service



    Our brand

    A wide range of products marketed under our own high-quality brand

    Private label

    Specially developed products and food solutions marketed under the customer’s brand