Our strengths

We focus on four central elements regarding our diverse strengths. Throughout our value chain we monitor our product quality closely.  We keep investing in the newest technologies and focus on permanent innovation of our product range.


Quality from farm to fork

Our farmers are like family. We work together with more than 600 farmers in total and we foster long-lasting collaborations built on mutual trust, respect and transparency with each and every one of them. Our agronomist team advises our growers throughout every aspect of the growth process.

We are pioneers in the field of food safety and quality.  This leading position is based on our integral quality assurance approach, which is built around four pillars: systems, infrastructure, machinery and people. Our focus on these pillars and continuous pursuit of improvement and innovation enables us to cope with the increasingly strict legislation in terms of food safety and the ever-increasing demands from our customers.

Our commitment to quality is evident from various certificates:


We boast highly advanced production equipment and continue to invest in new technologies, machinery and processes.  Our production capacity is also in line with the market growth.

Cutting techniques:
We make use of the latest cutting techniques. By experimenting with new techniques, we are able to expand our selection with new varieties and meet the ever-changing market demands. For example, we have developed a technique that allows us to cut vegetables in a traditional manner, giving the appearance of vegetables prepared at home.
We can mix an innumerable amount of ingredients thanks to our automated mixing facilities. We mix our products in accordance with the mix-to-pack concept, weighing every ingredient separately to ensure the correct proportions of every ingredient, no matter how small the packaging is. Our added value products department can mix and coat various products: vegetables, sauces, proteins, carbohydrates...

We apply sauce or herbs to individually frozen products as to ensure a uniform coating on the product.
d'Arta offers a broad range of products grilled in-house that have a high dry matter content.
Our fully automated production lines are capable of handling various packaging materials ranging from small and efficient bags to 1,000 kg octabins. We offer functional and innovative packaging possibilities, including stand-up bags and resealable bags, steam bags, bag-in-bags, ready-made packaging or boxes with an assorted selection.



Convenience and health are the magic words in our business.  For both the customer and the final consumer, it is paramount that our dishes are not only tasty and nutritious but also quick and easy to prepare.  That is why we provide our customers with nutritious products that take just a couple of minutes to go from freezer to fork.  Whether it concerns a simple product or a complex recipe with various ingredients, we keep on looking for the most suitable solution, taking into account the needs of the individual customer.

D'arta is a
frozen products company
in Europe.

Customer focus

As a family company, d’Arta keeps striving for long-term partnerships with our customers.  We listen to our customers’ needs, work closely together with several professional chefs and follow the latest trends in the field of product development.  This way we can continue offering custom-made products to our customers that are clearly differentiated in terms of convenience, quality, cost or preparation method.

One of d’Arta’s major goals is to offer our customers a truly practical product. This does not only apply to the product itself, but also to its packaging. Within this scope, we make sure our packaging reflects social trends, such as smaller portions and resealable packaging.  We offer a variety of packaging solutions ranging from small bags to large industrial packaging materials with a capacity of 1,000 kg.

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