Our slogan 'It's a green green world' is part of our company name as sustainability is central to everything we do.  It is a fundamental part of the way in which we manage our daily activities.

At d’Arta, we are convinced that we must do whatever necessary to help ensure a greener world and a better society.

'It's a green green world'

Our sustainability strategy encompasses the four Ps:


Minimising our ecological footprint


Offering healthy and nutritious products


Striving for long-term relationships with all of our stakeholders


d’Arta and its growers, keeping it close as family


Yorkshire greens, our CO2 neutral plant in the United Kingdom.

Since 2018, d’Artra has joined forces with two local partners, namely Swaythorpe Growers and GWE Biogas.

When processing our peas, we transform our waste into sustainable energy and ensure a better and greener product with the lowest possible carbon footprint and with the greatest respect for nature.

CO2 neutral
plant in the

Value chain

We apply our sustainability strategy to the entire value chain of our product:

Sowing & harvesting

d'Arta strives to minimise the time required to process field crops into freshly frozen products. We rely on our growers to realise this ambition.

We carefully select our partners, work closely together and help them in every way possible so as to always guarantee a sustainable and high-quality product to our customers.

Processing, deep-freezing & packaging

Efficiency is the most crucial parameter during the production process.  Whether it concerns the production organisation, the use of natural resources or implementation of hi-tech machinery, d’Arta always opts for the most efficient and sustainable approach.

Distribution & sales

Every week, more than 5,000 pallets leave the loading docks to be shipped across Europe, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.  The challenge is to render these shipments as sustainable as possible. Within this scope, d’Arta is continuously looking into alternative logistic solutions to lower the footprint of our products.


We invite you to to read our full sustainability report via the following link: